A comprehensive guide to duplex house design in Bangladesh.

Are you looking for a new house?

Maybe you have heard of the phrase duplex house.

And you just ignored it, because it sounds too fancy, something you don’t need. Or you think it will be very complicated getting one built for yourself.


But that is NOT the case.

A duplex house is a popular requirement among many interior design clients.

It can also be a work of art. One such duplex house was featured in Vogue magazine.


To help you understand this important kind of housing, Imagine has brought out this guide to duplex house design in Bangladesh.

This blog will help you understand what you need to know about duplex house design, so you can plan your interior design requirement better.

Blog overview

In this duplex house design blog:

  • First we will go over the basic idea of a duplex house.
  • Then we will see when you might need a duplex house.
  • Finally, we’ll give you a guide on how to select a duplex house designer in Bangladesh.

Through this blog, you should have a basic idea about a duplex home, whether you need or want a duplex home, and how you can choose a good interior designer for your duplex home in Bangladesh.

What is a duplex house?

Very simply, a duplex house is two living units within the same house.

In other words, two homes for two families can exist separately within the same building.

How do two homes exist within the same building?

There are many ways to do this.

  • One may be to have separate homes on separate floors.
  • Another will be to have a divider wall separating the two homes, but within one house.

Whatever it be, it ensures that two completely separate living units can be maintained within one house.

What features will each living unit have?

Each living unit will have a separate exit to the outdoors. This is a main difference between a duplex and a flat.

Each living unit should also have some essential facilities like their own bathroom, own kitchen, and so on.

When will you need/who will need a duplex house?

There are a few typical cases where a duplex house is a good option.

You want an affordable home of your own

A duplex house can be considered an example of affordable housing for middle to lower middle income people.

As one house structure is shared by two living units, the costs of building the house can be shared by the two families of the two units.

This leads to a lower cost of building your home.

You’re having children

Many flats are tiny and won’t be able to accommodate children.

A duplex house is a good affordable option to have a family home.

Parents and children want to live near each other

As children start families of their own, they will want a house of their own.

But they may also want to live near their parents, to take care of them.

A duplex house is a good option in such cases.

You want to earn rental income

You can live in one of the living units, and rent the other one out.

It can be anything from a residential rent to Airbnb.

Whatever it be, if it’s a duplex house, you live next door, and can keep an eye on your property easily.

How to select a duplex house designer in Bangladesh

First, you must plan your requirement.

Planning your duplex house requirement

Here are some factors to consider:

  • Why – Do you want to rent it out or live in it? The design aesthetic will depend on that.
  • Minimum requirements – There are a few questions you need to cover here:
    • What minimum floor area do you need?
    • What facilities do you want the separate units to have (kitchen, living room, etc)?
    • How will the division work – wall divider or separate floors?
    • How will the separate exit to the outdoors work?..and so on.
  • Aesthetics – What kind of aesthetics do you want?


Next comes choosing a designer for your duplex house in Bangladesh.

Choosing a duplex house designer (4 steps)

Here’s a 4-step process you can follow:

  • Search online for exterior designers in Bangladesh. Make a list.
  • Scan their design portfolio for duplex designs they have done.
  • Shortlist up to THREE design companies.
  • Schedule initial consultations with them to discuss:
    • A basic plan.
    • A rough timeline.
    • An approximate budget.

And then choose one!

Conclusion – duplex house design in Bangladesh

  • A duplex house means two living units in the same house structure.
  • The two units will have separate exits to the outdoors, and some essential facilities like kitchen, bathroom, etc.
  • A duplex house is an affordable option for owning a home that’s larger than a flat.
  • Choosing a designer for your duplex house in Bangladesh depends on why you need the house. List out your requirements, shortlist design companies, and then consult with them.