How to make your home ready for a rainy day

Home decor ideas for rainy days.

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You might be wondering, what’s so special about rainy days?

Why is there a blog post on home decor ideas for rainy days especially?

Should you even have home decor for rainy days?

As Bangladesh’s leading interior design company, we consult all the time on various home decor questions, and these are issues we are asked many times.

As you read on, you will see that rainy days are really different, and that a separate home decor policy or rainy day-specific home decoration ideas can really raise your quality of life, on rainy days.

Read on to see how…

Blog overview

In this blog post on home decor ideas for rainy days in 2021…

  • First we will see how rainy days are different and why this blog post matters.
  • Then we will see how some design tweaks and changes in your home can improve your quality of life, on rainy days.
  • And finally, we will look at the home design ideas for rainy days in 2021.

Let’s begin…

Why rainy days are different

There are two main reasons why rainy days are different:

Due to the rain itself

Water can enter your house.

It will definitely hit your outer walls.

And that can damage your house, and cause problems.

You need to guard against that.

It can affect your mood

The weather becomes gloomy.

Natural sunlight is less. It becomes dark, even during daytime.

The temperature goes down. It might become a little chilly.

The weather might also be windy.

Why having rainy day home design in Bangladesh matters

Bangladesh has a wet climate.

That means you can expect quite a few rainy days during the year.

If you can plan your house decor in certain ways, you can take advantage of this rainy climate and boost your quality of life.

Read on to find out how.

Choose rainy day-like colours

What are rainy day-like colours?

They are the shades that remind you of the rainy climate.

Good examples are light blue, grey and dark white (bright white is more towards sunny than rainy).

These can put you in a typical rainy day mood on even non-rainy days.

On rainy days, they will make you feel comfortable and in the mood to enjoy the day.

Go for candles or small bulb lights

Avoid tube lights and other kinds of very bright or large lighting options.

Choose candles and small bulb lights.

They have an intimate, warm feeling that is very good for a rainy day.

Decorative lighting

Another option – go for raindrop-shaped light fixtures and/or chandeliers.

Create a reading or snuggling corner

The concept of a “corner” is another sentimental idea that can make you feel good on a rainy day.

Put a comfortable armchair/other kind of chair in a corner, place some candles etc as discussed above, and use that to work or relax.

If you’re married, you can go for a larger seat so you can snuggle with your spouse.

Avoid larger seats, as that will kill the personal feeling.

Meditation space

Meditation is a good option for a rainy day.

You can create a meditation space in a corner, in addition to a workspace.

Hang sheer curtains

As anyway the day is darker, sheer curtains should be enough to maintain privacy.

They will also give you the chance to look out and enjoy the sight of rain falling or cloudy skies from the comfort of your home interior.

Choose a place beside a window to spend the day

You will want to gaze at the rain outside, without getting wet.

So choose a place beside a window to work, eat and even catch your afternoon nap.

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