Inspiration for one of the most prominent pieces of furniture in your living room.

A sofa is one of the most visible and big ticket pieces of furniture in our living rooms. They do appear in other rooms like the home office and the bedroom, but they’re the most conspicuous in the living room.

In fact, they can become the focal point of the living room.

That’s why it’s so important to choose a good colour for your sofa. The colour can influence everything from your mood to your ability to focus.

This is why, as a leading interior design company in Bangladesh, we are publishing this guide on our favourite sofa colours.

Our favourite sofa colours

Every colour can create a unique atmosphere inside a room. Based on our understanding of colours in room design, we will reveal how some of our favourite sofa colours work and what kind of atmosphere they create.

Here are our top sofa colours for your home.

  • Grey
  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Black


First of all, let’s just agree that grey can be a very cool, and impressive colour, that your guests will admire on your sofa.

That being said, the shade grey is very adaptable; in fact it’s the most adaptable among the neutral shades.

It can be used to suit most kinds of style preferences, from a modern and luxurious velvet smooth weave to a more old school tweed texture.

And because it’s highly adaptable and a neutral colour, it fits in well with most wall colours and various types of accessories. This means the home owner can revamp their living room without having to go through the expense of having to replace their sofas.

And finally, grey can be a very good base for heavy patterns.


The colour pink has been associated with feminine tastes, but very recently, many home owners and designers are using pink as a base to add bold accents to their space.

For example, a rich pink (like fuchsia) on touchy fabrics (like tweed and textured wool) will not appear feminine (excessively ‘sweet’) to even biassed eyes.

A light pink shade on a major piece of furniture like a sofa can add depth to a living room that’s mostly decked in neutral colours. While a deep pink shade can appear neutral depending on the colour range of its immediate proximity.

Pink is also quite popular – just check out statistics on how many times ‘pink sofa’ is searched for on Google, and how much content is created on it, in response to the demand and interest from consumers.


Blue is a classic colour when it comes to living room and comfort furniture like sofas. It also happens to be a very versatile colour that matches most room design styles.

Among the different shades of blue, only navy blue is considered neutral…but all of them are good as a sofa colour.

If you think about it, most shades of blue have a soothing effect that’s conducive for maintaining focus, resisting tension and engaging in deep thoughts.

Deeper shades of blue have a more luxurious, classy look while lighter ones make you feel more casual.

Pro tip: If you are doing work from home, or if you are thinking of going for work from home, the right shade of blue in your home office sofa can do a lot to help you work more efficiently.


We just talked about blue as a sofa colour. As it turns out, blue is a good complementary colour for orange.

So now, we will take a look at orange as a colour for your sofa.

Orange is a spicy and warm shade that can brighten up a room, and make for an extremely versatile centrepiece. It goes very well with natural colours and warm hues.

In particular, a burnt orange sofa will add warmth to a neutral living room. And orange and blue create a colour effect that is eye-catching without being overpowering, which is a great attribute for a sofa colour.


Green has been a favourite among people in the interior design and fashion   worlds for some time.

That’s because it’s a colour associated most often with the outdoors and the natural world and is a great way for people to bring the outdoors into their rooms and lives.

Green is a cool colour, and can help create a relaxed and calm atmosphere in a room.

Lighter green shades (like apple green) will give you a countryside-like feel while darker shades (like forest green) generally are thought to create a moody, romantic atmosphere.

Pro tip: Some other colours like brown also have earthy shades that are associated with the outdoors. Green works and combines well with such colours that reflect the outdoors.


Black sofas are usually associated with durability and cosiness.

Black is, as you know, the absence of all colour. So, by definition, black is high contrast and graphic. For something as large as a sofa, black is a heavy colour and a tremendous commitment.

Black is also associated with bold and moody atmospheres, which may make it a little more difficult to pull off than other sofa colours.

But, if you fully embrace the black colour, and pair it with dark wood floors and light furnishings, you can make a success out of a black coloured sofa.

Are you thinking of changing your sofa colour?

Here’s the deal.

Don’t fret too much over your sofa’s colour. If you feel your sofa looks fine, leave it as it is. The point of this blog post is certainly not to make you feel bad about your furniture, or to compel you to switch colours.

The point of this blog post is to give you some ideas/inspiration on which you can think about furniture colours.

And then if you are satisfied with your sofa, keep it as it is.

But if you feel a change would make your sofa and your room look better, certainly have a go at changing your sofa colour!