Having worked on interior design in Bangladesh for a long time, Imagine Interiors has faced many a client who’s confused about the difference between an interior designer and an architect.

Sometimes this leads to confusion about who to consult – an interior designer or an architect – leading to confusion, consultations that are not needed, and sometimes leading to unnecessary bills.

That’s why we decided it would be a good idea to lay out the differences between an interior designer and an architect in this blog post. When you finish reading this, you will know:

  • What is the work done by a designer and by an architect?
  • What kind of training do they require?
  • When should you consult an architect and when should you consult an interior designer?

The Basic Definitions


An interior designer is concerned with space planning inside a building. In other words, an interior designer is concerned with things like paint colour schemes, furniture placement and so on.

On the other hand, an architect is concerned with designing a building. In other words, an architect will devise decor solutions ensuring structural integrity (the building won’t collapse) and occupational safety (you will be safe inside) of your building.

Do They Overlap?

Sometimes they do overlap. In addition to engineering skills, an architect must have some aesthetic aptitude to be able to design a building you find attractive.

On the other hand, interior designers will need architectural knowledge to ensure their design proposal is good from the point of view of safety. This becomes particularly useful during remodelling design projects.

Where Exactly Is The Difference Between The Two?

An architect will build the exterior and interior of your building.

An interior designer will ensure that the interior of your already built building is aesthetic and ergonomic.

What Kind Of Training Do Architects And Designers Need?

In most countries, both architecture and interior design are legally defined professions that need specific certifications, generally involving a bachelor-level course at the minimum. An architect will know how to create a building that is stable and safe to be in; an interior designer will know how to make a space that’s already created useful.

Do Interior Designers Only Think About Aesthetics?



Aesthetics – looking good – is a big part of interior designer; but it’s not the only part. Ergonomics is equally, if not more, important in interior design solutions. For example, say an interior designer is working on a bedroom design solution. Their main focus will not be on making it look good. They will work from the angle that a bedroom is where you expect your body to switch off and refresh itself. So, they will ensure that the bedroom is designed so that inside it, you are at peace and able to let go of all tension and worries. Interior designers have to think about a lot of things, including even human psychology, while doing their job.

For example, in the bedroom design situation, they will need to understand what kind of colour scheme, what kind of lighting scheme, and what kind of sounds will ensure that you can fall asleep inside the bedroom. They will also need to ensure that whatever changes they are making are safe and adhere to building codes

When Should You Hire An Interior Designer And When Should You Go For An Architect?

I think by this point, you understand that

  • If you want a building built, you should consult an architect
  • If you want a space designed, or even an entire building remodelled, you may consult a designer

Are you thinking this is huge bother?

Running after 2 kinds of professionals for your building project?

You are right, it is a hassle. This is where full service interior design companies come in. Full service interior design companies have a full team, including both architects and interior designers and they will be able to handle your entire project, from start to finish.

To Sum Up, The Differences Between An Interior Designer And An Architect Are

An architect builds a new building while an interior designer makes the interior of the building attractive and useful.

An architect will have to understand engineering to ensure building stability; an interior designer will be concerned about how well a particular space (room) fulfils its function (like the bedroom helping you go to sleep).

Full service interior design companies have architects on their team, enabling them to handle most kinds of projects from start to finish, reducing your hassle of having to run from an architect to a designer and back to get your project done.