Kitchen design for a small space should focus on making cooking an efficient and enjoyable experience, and make the kitchen a good place to spend time in, alone or with family and friends.

Do you think kitchen design in a small space will just happen on its own?

That because it’s a small space kitchen, there is little room for innovation, and that you should just keep things to a bare minimum?

Or that you should just keep anything you need to, wherever you find some flat space? Here is what that would look like…

Badly planned, cluttered kitchen.

Bad kitchen design. You can design your kitchen so much better!


Why should you let your kitchen, even in a small space, look like that?

For example, with some carefully planned custom kitchen cabinet design, you can greatly improve on the clutter in the picture above.

Here are 5 kitchen design tips for a small space from the premier interior company in Bangladesh!


Small space kitchen design tips blog overview

First, we will take a look at why you need to plan your kitchen design for a small space.

Then, we will go over the principles of designing a kitchen in a small space. Aspects like why kitchen cabinet design is important will be covered here.

After that, we will see the 5 tips for kitchen design.

Finally, we will cover your options for implementing these kitchen design tips in Bangladesh.


Why you need to plan your kitchen design for a small space

Planning your kitchen design for a small space will enable you to make the best use of your kitchen.

Functions of a kitchen

Well designed kitchen with refrigerator, kitchen cabinet, and ambiance.

Kitchen design with extensive storage space, and creating a nice atmosphere.

  • You should be able to cook easily, and have fun while doing it.
  • There should be space to store:
    • Food items (like vegetables, cooking oil, etc).
    • Utensils and other things required for cooking.
  • Since we are talking about a small space, you can consider having a space to dine within the kitchen.
  • You should be able to hang out with family and friends if you need to.

With innovative planning, you should be able to cover all these functions.

Principles of small space kitchen design

Kitchen wall cabinet storage

See how many things you can keep in a kitchen wall cabinet?

While designing a small space kitchen,

Assign first priority to space.

Make sure to expand storage capacity by building kitchen cabinets. There are many good options for custom kitchen cabinet design in Bangladesh (more on this later).

Ensure adequate ventilation.

Make sure to create a cheerful atmosphere. Choose wall colours with this in mind.


Kitchen design tips for a small space

Wall and floor cabinets for the kitchen

Well-designed kitchen cabinets can give you a lot more space to store your kitchen necessities.

If you can get them well designed, they will give your kitchen a cool look as well.

Wall and floor cabinets in kitchen.

Cabinets look awesome, and store a lot of stuff in the kitchen!

We will explore your options for kitchen cabinet design in Bangladesh later on.

I would suggest you go for both wall cabinets AND floor cabinets, so as to make the most of your existing kitchen space.

Plan for an efficient walkthrough

  • Do you hang/place your pots and pans near the stove?
  • Is the waste bin placed next to where you chop vegetables?
  • How far is the refrigerator from the stove, AND from the dining table (if you have one in the kitchen)?

An efficient kitchen design can minimize the time you spend walking from place to place in the kitchen.

That in turn makes the cooking, dining, and just being in the kitchen an enjoyable experience.

Keep utensils in top drawers

You want to get at those easily.

So, you better plan to put them in top drawers, so you don’t need to bend down every time you want to grab a spoon or a plate.

Consider wall lights

Ceiling lights will NOT be enough in a kitchen.

For example, if you include kitchen wall cabinets like we discussed, they will cause overhead lights to create shadows.

You should go for wall lights, especially under-shelf and under-cabinet lights.

Light under shelf in kitchen.

See how the under-shelf light creates a bright atmosphere?

Keep a space for large appliances

Large and heavy appliances can easily add to clutter if you do not keep a space for them.

This can be a custom kitchen cabinet specially made for heavy appliances.

Or it can just be a space on your kitchen counter.

Whatever it be, plan it in advance.


Kitchen interior design options in Bangladesh

Here are your various options for implementing these kitchen design tips in Bangladesh:


To sum up,

The 5 kitchen design tips for a small space in Bangladesh are:

  • Wall and floor cabinets.
  • Efficient walkthrough.
  • Utensils in top drawers.
  • Wall lighting.
  • A space for larger and heavier appliances.

I wish you all the best with your kitchen interior design project!