As you know, your cafe will be more than just a place to drink coffee. Customers will want to meet, work and relax. 

The feel and look of the establishment – which is basically its ambience – is very important because it can make customers happy or unhappy. 

Now, it should be clarified that cafes are different from restaurants. 

While restaurants focus on food, cafes need to be comfortable and look good, but also be practical. 

They should be places where people can talk easily but also sit alone if they want. 

As expert BD interior designers, we know what works best. In this guide, we will share our top design tips to help your cafe become a favourite place for many.

Consider your target or primary customers when planning the design

Always be aware of the needs of your main customers. For instance, students might appreciate a vibrant atmosphere, while professionals might seek a serene environment to work or relax.

So, if your café is near a college and you’re aiming to attract students, think about a lively design with bright colours and catchy tunes. 

On the other hand, if you’re targeting working folks or writers, create a calm space using insights from our actual cafe design

Offer plenty of room for laptops, cosy seating that’s spread out for privacy, and (if possible) charging points for gadgets. 

Plan the layout based on workflow

Setting up the right design for your cafe is key to giving it a welcoming feel. If customers find it hard to move around or feel too close to others, they might not come back. 

To do this, draw a simple map of your cafe. 

Think about where you’ll put tables, chairs, and other items. Make sure people have enough room to walk and feel like they have their own space. 

Also, think about busy spots like the door and toilets. These should be easy to get to without bothering other customers. 

When you set up your cafe based on workflow, it will not only look good but also make your customers happy.

Select appropriate colours

The colours you pick for both inside and outside your café play a big role in how customers feel. 

Bright colours like orange and yellow can make your café feel lively and happy. Some reds and yellows even help make people feel hungry. 

But if you want a calm and cosy feel, mix light colours like white with some darker shades. For more insights on colour selection, explore our design services.

Make an accent wall

Walls don’t just have to be blank canvases waiting for art. Think about colouring them in a shade that resonates with your cafe’s theme or creating a feature wall. 

For instance, some cafes have beautifully designed walls with floral patterns that not only enhance the ambiance but also become a favourite spot for customers to click photos. 

Such walls, especially in modern settings, can be the centre of attention, making them ideal for capturing moments with a cup of coffee.

Choosing the lighting

The right lighting can make or break your café’s atmosphere. It’s essential to pick lights that match your café’s main theme and boost its identity. 

During the day, let in as much natural light as possible. Large windows and glass doors can help with this. 

If you’re worried about the heat, consider using heat control films or light curtains. 

Natural light not only brightens up the space but can also save on electricity costs. 

As evening approaches, switch to soft, warm lights to create a cosy feel. Wall lights are a good choice, with fewer lights on the ceiling. 

However, brighter lights can be used in specific areas like where pastries are displayed or where sugar is kept. 

The goal is to offer a peaceful space for customers to unwind after a busy day, but it should still be bright enough for them to read the menu.

Get unique decor for the walls

To make your cafe stand out, consider adding special decorations to the walls. Personal items can give a unique touch, reflecting your cafe’s personality. 

Another idea is to showcase art from local artists. This not only decorates your cafe but also supports the community. 

Choose art that has warm and natural colours to match the cafe’s ambiance. For more inspiration, check out our food hall design.

Make the tabletops stand out

The furniture and decorations in a cafe play a crucial role in showing your cafe’s unique character and theme. 

One often overlooked area is the table surface – Many customers enjoy capturing photos of their coffee, so why not make the table itself a part of the experience? 

Consider using tables with designs or patterns. Such tables have subtle shades that stand out but don’t overshadow the main attraction – the coffee.

Pro tip: Use table designs that complement the overall theme of your cafe, ensuring they enhance the customer’s experience without being too overpowering.

Balancing space and privacy

It’s essential to keep your cafe spacious and avoid a cramped feeling. 

Think about how you arrange the seats and tables. 

Ensure there’s enough room between tables and consider the space for customers ordering and picking up their food. 

Some customers like to chat loudly, while others want a quiet corner. Design your cafe layout to suit both types. 

By following these guidelines, your cafe can become a favourite spot for everyone to enjoy their meals and moments.

Pro tip: Always maintain a mix of open seating areas and cosy corners to cater to the diverse preferences of your customers.

Cafe design tips – main conclusions

As we have seen, designing a great cafe is about a lot more than just fancy colours.

Your approach has to be all about the experience – how can you offer a great experience for customers so they will want to return?

From considering your target customers to colour section, and from balancing space and privacy to choosing appropriate lighting…

Our design tips will help you create an awesome cafe in Bangladesh.

If you want to consult on your cafe creation, do get in touch with us – our BD restaurant designer service will work together to create a stunning space where stories are shared and memories are made!