There are 3 qualities furniture must have – look beautiful, easy to use, and comfortable (as applicable).

  • Have you ever bought fancy art pieces to decorate the rooms in your house?
  • Discarded store-bought chairs, tables and so on within weeks?
  • Felt like your room is missing something, even though you have hired a very good interior design to design it?

Have you realized what you’re missing? You want to have good furniture, and you need the services of a good furniture company in Bangladesh. And that is why, in this blog, I will reveal to you some must-know basics about furniture in Bangladesh – what kind of furniture you must go for, and how to find a good furniture design company in Bangladesh.

Blog overview

First, we will take a look at good furniture – what you should look out for when you’re buying furniture in Bangladesh. Two, we will take a look at furniture designers and furniture design companies – what are the characteristics of a good furniture design company in Bangladesh? We will conclude the blog by going over ways to select a furniture design company in Bangladesh style=”font-weight: 400;”> for your furniture design project.

Buying furniture in Bangladesh

How important do you think good furniture is?

How important is it to buy good furniture? Well, if you have good quality furniture, you will want to repurpose old furniture. And if you don’t, you will just want to throw it away. You may be looking for home furniture or for office furniture. Let’s look at both cases.

Home furniture in Bangladesh

Armchair with leg rest in living room.

The chair brings the living room together.

See how comfortable this living room looks? Now, try to imagine the living room without the chair, or with a different chair. Would you still feel the same way about the living room?

Office furniture in Bangladesh

An extremely professional conference room setting.

If you were in this conference room, you would feel inspired to focus on work, wouldn’t you? Now, do the same thought experiment as with home furniture – try to imagine the conference room without the chairs, or with different chairs. Would you have the same sentiment about the room?

Characteristics of good furniture in Bangladesh

If the bed isn’t designed well, you won’t get a good sleep.

When you’re buying furniture in Bangladesh, you must focus on these factors:

  • Ergonomic – Is it useful? Does it provide you with all the functionality you’re looking for?
  • Comfortable – Can you relax while using it? Even in office furniture…can you really be tense all throughout a marathon 5 hour meeting?
  • Durable – Will it last long? Is it low-maintenance furniture?Or will you need to get it replaced quickly/not be able to repurpose it?
  • Beautiful – It must look good, and bring the room together.

Furniture design companies in Bangladesh

Well designed furniture allows you to store a lot of stuff in your office.

Of course, you may want to avoid buying readymade, and be looking for custom furniture design.

Characteristics of a good furniture design service

Just think about it. If you hire the services of a furniture design service in Bangladesh, what would you prefer them to do?

Works with good suppliers

The furniture can’t be good if the supplies – wood, colours, etc – are not of good quality. So, a good furniture design service would source materials from reliable suppliers.

Is clear about the project

You have discussed the project with them, and they know your furniture requirements. Otherwise it will lead to arguments and changes later on.

Delivers on time

If they keep delaying delivery, your other work might get hampered. Punctuality is a key characteristic of a good furniture design company.

Is professional with payments

You have negotiated costs in good faith, and you expect them to stick to the agreement. Unless there are exceptional circumstances, price agreements must be sacrosanct.

How to select a furniture design company in Bangladesh

Now you know the need for good furniture, and what qualities a reliable furniture design company must have. It’s time to address the final question – how can you know which furniture company is good and reliable?

Company website

Have a look at their company website. Is it professional looking? If it isn’t…or if they don’t have one…you might be better off not going with them.

Existing products

If the designer has a website, they will upload images of furniture they have created. Take a look at their work, and judge whether it’s the kind of furniture design you want.

Company reviews

How are other customers rating their services? Many companies will feature reviews on their website itself. You can also look at their Google Business profile and on their social media accounts for more reviews.

Initial consultation

On the basis of the website and reviews, shortlist a few designers and schedule a consultation with them. At the consultation, try to judge:

  • Are they asking relevant questions?
  • Are they being upfront about costs and prices?
  • Are they trying to change topics constantly?

By asking irrelevant questions and changing topics, an unscrupulous designer will distract you, to get a product agreement that isn’t exactly what you need. By not being upfront about costs and prices, an unscrupulous designer will try to leave room to renegotiate a higher price later on. In either case, reject that designer.   The final choice of furniture design company in Bangladesh is yours, dear customer!