Buying a Duplex house design in Bangladesh is quite common these days, as people are investing in real estate more often than never. Duplex house designs are usually a bit expensive. Thus, these are mostly affordable to the high-income groups of businessmen and corporates.

Driveways, parking lots and the lawn is a single unit in duplex houses, so you might have to share with your neighbour. Thus, in today’s world where people usually stay isolated and aloof, these modern houses will bring you in close proximity to your neighbour. Your neighbours would just be a wall away from you, be it horizontal or vertical. So, in times of distress or need, they would be very much available and helpful to you.

In this article, we will discuss the 10 tricks that will make your duplex house look more luxurious and stylish.


10 Tricks to Upgrade Your Luxuriousness in a Duplex House:

Interiors in an apartment or a house matter a lot, as they add to the ambience of living in that space. These are the 10 tricks to make your duplex house feel more luxurious-


1. Colour Patterns

The right kind of colour combinations can be very pleasing to the eye. Colours that stand out can look good in graffiti décor on walls, but on plain walls, light colours look better as the room look well lit. In a duplex house design, colours play a significant role in moderating the ambience of the house.


2. Carpet Redesign and Decoration 

Carpets have a good texture and an earthy feel. They are comfortable compared to the hard flooring of tiles or marble and pamper you when you are walking or sitting on it. It adds to the majestic feel required by the echelons living in a duplex house design in Bangladesh


3. Simplistic and Minimalistic Approaches 

Lines and repeating patterns in a duplex house design greatly add to the aesthetic look of a pricy duplex. The rooms look huge if, the minimalistic approach is followed in decorating a duplex house design in Bangladesh. 

Every piece of furniture stands out for the sake of overcompensating when the rest of the room looks so much in tune with the owner’s specifications and good taste.


4. Complete De-cluttering 

To get a luxurious feel out of living, in a duplex, one must always keep their rooms de-cluttered. Cluttering is caused due to unkempt laundry, dirt, unorganized bed accessories, food leftovers and stationary wrappings left out in the open, etc.

The key to having a nice and maintained duplex house design is to keep organizing and rearranging things to where they are meant to be in your house.


5. Explicit Lighting 

Lighting via false ceilings is really important in bringing your home that luxurious feel. There are various shapes of chandeliers and other lights available, to spice up your home décor with overbearingly layered lighting. The lights add up on each other’s shadows to create a beautiful contrast of darkness and light.


6. Vegetation

Adding plantation to your duplex house design in the interior is a great choice. Plants inside houses provide visual satisfaction, as well as they lower the temperature of the resident rooms. 


7. Ornamentation 

Dream catchers, Terracotta Animals, Vases, Antiques, etc. – all add to the robust yet minimalistic décor of a duplex house design in Bangladesh. To spice up your interiors, choose decorative things that give off the same vibes as you, and invest in them.


8. Invest in Art 

Investing in art is not an easy thing, especially when a person doesn’t know where to start. Art is subjective, and people have varied tastes, but one thing we can all agree on is we like watching huge paintings on exhibition walls and wish those pieces were ours.

Well, now it’s time to get down to it, and actually decorate your living space with pieces of art that reflect your personality.


9. Curtains Décor 

Curtains that are too short look inexpensive, and just do not go with the interiors of a luxurious duplex house design. Drapes that would be falling on itself are the best look for a home décor setup. Take your time out to measure your window so that the specifications are just right, and you get a custom set of draperies that add to your interiors.


10. Keep it Smelling Fresh

After all the matchmaking and permutations, your ideal luxurious duplex home is ready. All the boxes that give off a luxurious vibe are checked, except for the odour in your house. Get a centralized air freshener system so that your rooms smell fresh, and complement to your already fabulous interiors.


Thus, the above-stated 10 tricks are the most useful tips to make your duplex house look ultra-modern and luxurious. So, if you are planning to buy a duplex, then you must consider these suggestions to give it an elegant look.