First meeting with the interior design team? Well, they are the ones who will be designing your dream space, so the first meeting with them ought to be special. While finding a good interior design firm in Bangladesh isn’t that tough, setting the right understanding with them can be.

At Imagine Interiors, our team often encounters clients who appear unprepared for their first meeting with our interior designers. To address this once and for all, we’d like to raise awareness about what to expect during your initial consultation with an interior designer or interior design company.

We’ll discuss everything you need to know, from establishing a positive relationship with your interior designer to the final contract stage. Make sure you skim and scan everything till the end!

Introduction with the Interior Designer & Team

Here’s a little homework that you can do before signing up for a meeting with an Interior Design Company– Check out their Portfolio! Look for a range of projects via their website that showcase the team’s versatility and ability to tailor their designs to fit the client’s unique preferences and lifestyle. Pay attention to the quality of the work, the choice of materials, and the overall aesthetic appeal of each project.

For example, if you’re seeking someone who can create the best home interiors in Bangladesh, look for their portfolio of past projects in this category and read testimonials from satisfied clients.

Now a  proper and professional introduction to the interior design team working on your project is crucial. You should know whom to connect and coordinate with for smooth flow of work, ahead.

Post that, you may move forward with other important discussion.

Step 1 of Interior Designing: Assessment of Space

During your initial meeting with an interior design firm, one of the key aspects to discuss is the assessment  or utilization of the space that you wish to design or redesign. 

Begin by sharing your views upon the size, layout, or any specific requirements that you wish to highlight. 

It is the interior designer’s job to analyze the existing space and suggest the best options possible for designing. Moreover, they should also be explaining to you the whole design concept, how your requirements can be taken care of, etc in detail.

Choosing the aesthetic color schemes, layout ideas and best furniture options in Bangladesh are also vital points of discussion.

Discussion: Inspiration and Ideas for the Interior

Hunt for sources of inspiration for the interior design project. While your design team will provide you with options, however in the world of Pinterest and AI, why not do some of your own digging?

Tell your interior design about your personal style, favorite colors, and any specific themes that you want to incorporate into the design. Explore unique ideas that reflect your personality and create a space that feels like you!

Lookout for innovative and practical designs. Talk about how you can infuse nature, art, technology, other elements into your design to make it the one of its kind!

Review: Go through your Preferences once again

Try to do a quick recap of your preferences for interior design styles. Reinstate your likes, dislikes, any special requests. Know about latest and evergreen design trends, quality of materials, and best furniture styles in Bangladesh. Discuss on how to balance your preferences with current design trends to create a timeless and elegant space.

Importantly, re-clarify your expectations for working with the interior design firm. Communication, project timelines, additional expenses are a few potential challenges that sometimes arise during the design process.

To avoid that, you can politely ask the designer to explain the process of the project, from initial concept development to final installation, and then only move forward.

Presentation Time: Discuss upon custom design concepts

The designer should present you with various design concepts that would be specific, custom to your  personal style and preferences. Discuss each concept in detail, exploring the creative ideas and innovative solutions. Respect the expertise of the Interior designer and try to be clearer and precise in your feedback upon any design.

Finalize a design concept that fits your requirements while also bringing your imagination in the physical world. 

Contract and Fees: Before you seal the deal!

Finally, allow the  designer to explain the contract terms and conditions to you.  Once again review the scope of work, the timeline for the project, and any additional services that were included in the contract. Get a clarity on the fees for the services provided, including design fees, materials costs, and installation expenses.

Review the contract and fees and get a transparent picture of the financial aspects of the project. Ask any questions that you have about the pricing structure, hidden costs, etc. 

Once you feel confident about the whole procedure, the team & the justification of price- wait no more to hand over your space to the interior designing team!

Overall, make sure that your initial meeting with the interior design firm is  informative, collaborative, and fruitful.  At Imagine Interiors, we make sure that our client feels confident about their interior designing project being in good hands and they look forward to seeing their dream spaces!
So, make sure that you contact us today to schedule a free virtual or in-person consultation.Take the first step now!