A whole range of living room interior design ideas involving rugs of different sizes, shapes and shades

If you think about it, the living room is one of the focal points of your home. Your bedroom may be your sanctuary but you definitely don’t spend all day there. And you definitely don’t ask guests to sit there, do you? Kitchen and bathroom are just ruled out. What’s left is the study – granted you may spend a lot of time in the study, but…

…the living room is also where you spend a lot of your time indoors. And it’s where you entertain guests, when you have them over.

Clearly, it is very important that you maintain an ambience in your living room – the same ambience you want your home to have. And one of the ways to do that is to introduce the right rug into your living room. The right rug can act as a palette base for the entire living room and add an element of comfort.

Imagine suggests choosing rugs according to this checklist

Colours: The rug should be of a colour that does not clash with any other colour present in your living room’s colour scheme.

Size: The rug should not look too large or too small. As a thumb rule, make sure that your rug can accommodate most of the sitting arrangements (sofa + a few chairs) and a centre table.

Maintenance: Remember, guests will be entertained here. So, you will need to keep the rug well-maintained at all times.

Pom Pom Rug

A pom pom rug is an extremely soft and fluffy rug made of wool balls (the individual pom poms) woven together. These rugs can be very comfortable on the feet while being quite cute to look at. However, be warned that pom pom rugs are typically not that large and may not be a good living room interior design idea by themselves. It may be better to use the pom pom rug to place the center table on, while using a thin base carpet to cover the floor. Obviously, the pom pom rug would be placed on top of the carpet.

In that case, remember to choose a carpet with a really baseline colour against which the pom pom rug will be set off.

As for design, some people choose to just make them of a regular shape, while playing with colours. Others make up very creative shapes and designs (like sheep or heart shaped), showcasing their personality.

Modular Carpet Tiles

First things first, modular carpet tiles are carpets, not tiles.

They have the look of wooden flooring or tiled flooring, but they are really very strong carpets. Their key advantage is that they’re extremely easy to clean and maintain. If they get damaged, I feel that you can get good deals for them, although affordability varies from person to person.

You can use these carpets to get a whole range of looks for your living room, ranging from modern office look to aged wood flooring look.

Sea Look

The beach look is also a popular one for the living room, especially if you live in a coastal area. Go for a light blue rug, with beige or off-white stripes and/or floral patterns to get the look.

You can complement it with matching upholstery for the sofa and chairs.

Eclectic Look

If you’re going for the eclectic look, go for a rug with a bold design so that it can draw focus to itself and become a baseline of sorts to set off the entire room.

Rugs with floral designs seem to be especially effective at getting this look.


This is just another kind of eclectic design. You may have materials lying around in your home, perfect for stitching together a rug, without even being aware of it.

For example, discarded yet not worn out towels are extremely good rug material. You can use them to make braided towel rugs. Bedsheets are another good example of household materials that have excellent recycling potential as rugs.


To sum up, a living room is in many ways a focal point of your home so it makes sense to toil towards creating an ambience in your living room. A good way to start is by selecting a rug that acts as a good base for the rest of your living room interior design.

Imagine Interior’s 5 living room design ideas with rugs are

  • Pom pom rugs add a comfortable and personal element to the room
  • Modular carpet tiles are a low-maintenance, durable and chic interior design element for your living room
  • You can go for the sea look with light/sea blue rugs with off-white or beige patterns
  • You can go for an eclectic look with a bold rug
  • You can opt for DIY which uses discarded materials to get an eclectic and personal look

I wish you success in designing your own living room with a suitable rug.