Some ideas to completely revamp your living room!

If you’re thinking questions like:

What are the best ways to remodel my living room?

How can I increase the functionality of my living room? Such as increasing space, lowering electricity bills and so on?

How can I give my living room a completely new aesthetic (look)?

Then this is the blog post for you!

Living room remodelling ideas

As a top interior designer in Dhaka, we have often faced queries on how to revamp a living room.

In many such cases, the client lacks even a basic idea of how remodelling is done, and just how effective a living room redesign can be.

This is why we are publishing this blog post, to give you some ideas for living room redesign so you can better discuss it with your interior designer.

Think what you want to change

This is a basic interior design idea – before planning anything whether it be interior design, room decor or home remodelling – you need to clearly know what you want to change.

Or, what is your objective through the design?

For living room remodelling, what is/are the aspect(s) of the room that you don’t like?

  • Is it the amount of space that you have?
  • Is it the layout of the room?
  • Is it the colour scheme – maybe you would prefer a more “warm” colour combination rather than “energetic”?
  • Is it the overall atmosphere?

Getting this clarified will make the rest of the remodelling process go much better.

Consult living room potential uses and changes with some of the top 10 interior designers in Bangladesh.

Expanding the space

In earlier years, with rigid room structures (each room separated from the others through walls), having space in the living room was not prioritised.

In other words, it used to be assumed that the living room should not get any extra space.

However, in recent times, with open floor concepts becoming popular…

In an open floor plan, one large room is divided into several functional areas like the living room area, the dining area, the home office area and so on.

…with open floor concepts becoming popular, many people are trying to expand the space available in their living room.

Now, you cannot of course transform your entire living space into an open floor space without a complete rebuilding,


You can make some room-wise adjustments.

Like setting aside a space in the living room for the dining table, and removing the need for a separate dining room.

If this is what you’re looking for, discuss it with your interior designer.

They can suggest some steps like removing walls that don’t support any loads.

Want to change the flooring? Here are some living room flooring options for you to consider.

Revamp the main door

This is a very clever design trick – you can absolutely change the layout of your house with a relatively minor building job.

Is your living room located at the front of your house?

Then you can simply install a new main entry door in the living room.

Or you can refresh your existing door.

What can you achieve by freshening up your entry door?

The house will get two benefits:

The exterior look and appeal will be vastly improved.

It will boost the aesthetics of your living room.

In our experience, among all possible replacements and home projects, a new front door offers one of the highest value for money.

In other words, you will get back most of the money you invested in the door as a higher valuation for your house.

Allowing more sunlight to enter the room

As you may already know, natural sunlight plays a major role in creating a fresh, welcoming atmosphere inside a room.

Which is why you’ll be looking for ways to increase the amount of sunlight that’s entering the living room.

Are the windows just old and not living up to their full potential at allowing sunlight inside?

The best way to change that is to simply get new windows.

More sunlight means less use of electricity, reducing your power bills.

In the winter, sunlight heats up the room, which again shrinks your need for electricity.

Would you like to go for larger windows to allow in more sunlight?

Or would you like a different kind of window curtain, that will give you some privacy while still allowing an optimal amount of light inside?

Discuss options with your chosen designer.

Choosing the right colour combination

Colour is perhaps the most important aspect of living room interior design.

In other words, colour matters more in the living room than in any other room.

This is why any remodelling of a living room has to take a look at the colour scheme and combination.

What do you use your drawing room for?

  • Entertaining guests is the most prominent and important use of a drawing room.
  • It’s also a space for the entire family to gather and have some time together. In the modern days of constant emails and phone calls, having such time together is crucial.
  • Watching movies and/or sharing a meal to mark a special occasion (like a cricket match) is another very important use of a living room.

With so many potential uses, you can understand why the colour combination is so important.

So, what colours should you go for?

  • Neutral colours like white, grey, and beige are some of the most liked options (that is, they are liked by the majority of people).
  • Rich shades like gold, deep orange, and earthy brown can be eye-catching.
  • Deep blue and red can evoke a sense of tradition.

The choice is yours.

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Remodelling your living room – conclusion

As you can see, there are various options when it comes to redecorating your living room.

From expanding available space to increasing the amount of sunlight that enters, you have various options that you can discuss with your chosen designer/decorator.

Which option you ultimately adopt will depend on what you need and expectations from the redesign are.

If you need to consult with a trained designer further on your remodelling options, do get in touch with us: Go to the contact page.