You can get a lot of choices – for both quality AND price – in the used furniture market in Bangladesh.

There can be many reasons why you want to buy used furniture in Bangladesh.

You may be looking to do a bit of interior decorating by yourself.

You may have gotten a bit excited by something you saw at a friend’s home, some eclectic piece of furniture that you think is not available at a furniture store.

You may be looking for good deals for furniture, and you think (logically) that you can get good deals on second hand furniture.

Whatever it be, this blog on buying used furniture in Bangladesh can help get you started.

Blog overview 

First, we will take a look at the advantages of going for second hand furniture.

Then we will see what you need to look out for when you buy used/refurbished furniture.

Finally, we will see where you can buy used furniture in Bangladesh.

Advantages of second hand/used furniture

There are many advantages to buying second hand/refurbished furniture.

Some of them are:

  • Antique/homely look: As they are not brand new and have been used, they will have an ‘antique’ or ‘homely’ look that many find appealing.
  • Eclectic choices: You have a higher chance of getting non-routine designs and eclectic furniture pieces in the used furniture market.
  • Good pricing: As this furniture is not brand new, you have a good chance of getting bargain prices for them.

Things to watch out for when buying used/refurbished furniture

Here are a few factors to check before you buy second hand furniture in Bangladesh.

  • Hygiene: Please remember these HAVE been used by other persons. So, make sure they are hygienically cleaned before being sold to you.
  • Quality: Keep an eye on factors like
    • quality of material
    • durability
    • scratches and imperfections
    • paint jobs
  • before you buy.
  • Negotiations: Try to get prices from 2-3 dealers for similar furniture pieces before you agree on a price. Don’t be carried away by sentiments and settle for the first price you get.

Where to buy used/refurbished furniture

There are a lot of places to buy used/refurbished furniture in Bangladesh:

  • Established dealers: You can search for established second hand furniture merchants online. Search for things like:
    • where to buy used furniture.
    • where to buy second hand furniture.
    • second hand furniture dealers in bangladesh, etc.
  • You can also do more localized searches, like “where to buy used furniture in [your city]” and so on.
  • Offline dealers: Especially in Bangladesh, a lot of the furniture market is fragmented and in the informal sector. So, you can also go around business districts/furniture bazaars, and ask for dealers in second hand furniture.
  • E commerce: You can also search for used/second hand furniture on e commerce websites and apps:
    • You can go for international ones like Amazon.
    • Or you can go for local Bangladeshi ones like Bagdoom, Bikroy and Othoba

A few things to watch for when choosing e-commerce firms

First of all, you need to decide whether you want to go for a general e-commerce firm, or do you want to go for a reselling firm?

Apart from that, you need to look for:

  • Their track record (look through their reviews online).
  • Their charges (apart from the furniture price, they may have separate delivery charges, handling charges etc.)
  • Their delivery policy
    • Will they deliver to a place of your choosing?
    • Will they deliver at a time of your choosing?
  • Their return and/or refund policy – 
    • Till what time can you return an item?
    • Can you get a refund if you get a defective item?

Final thoughts on buying used furniture in Bangladesh

There might be many reasons why you prefer used furniture – love for antiques, low cost, etc.

When buying used furniture, you must watch out for things like hygiene, quality and price.

Finally, you can buy used furniture in Bangladesh either through established merchants, the informal sector, or through e commerce firms.

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