Office interior design depends a lot on the kind of office that’s being created.

  • Looking for ways to increase productivity in your office?
  • Need to impress customers and clients?
  • Just want a change at the workplace?

There’s one thing that can help you with all these three issues.

Can you guess what it is?


It would be to redesign your office interior, with a focus on the specific issue that you’re facing.

And that is why, in this blog, we will go over some important aspects of office interior design in Bangladesh.

Blog overview

First, we will look at what office interior design is.

Next, we will go through some aspects that office design can solve.

Finally, we will take a look at how you can select an office design service in Bangladesh.

What is office interior design?

Office interior design is basically applying interior design principles to a workplace, i.e. an office.

Wouldn’t YOU like to work in such an office?

Good office interior design should make your workplace a better place to work in, and to get business done in.

What objectives does office interior design have?

Office interior design will have a number of objectives.

Increased productivity

The way an office is designed can have an effect on productivity.

You can consult with a trained office designer in Bangladesh about how to design your office so as to increase productivity levels in your workforce.

What office design factors can increase productivity

There are quite a few factors, including…

Colour scheme: Some colours can get people in an alert and focused mood, some can get them in a restful mood, and some in a party mood. A good colour scheme is very important to inspire your employees to work better.

Floor plan: How close are the desks to one another? Is easy collaboration between employees possible?

Other factors: For example, a survey in the UK found that 75% of office workers found the temperature at their workplace to be uncomfortable. Do you think their productivity would be optimal? And temperature can be controlled with efficient office design.

Technical considerations

Depending on what kind of work is being done, there might be technical considerations in office interior design.

For example, if you are an IT company or a web design company, you might have to maintain one or more servers, which would have to be kept in a well-ventilated place to keep cool.

Office image

What kind of image do you want your office to have?

How do you want your workers to work?

Good office interior design should be able to build on that image.

For example, generally, tech companies want collaboration and innovation from their workers.

A lot of a tech workplace will be informal like this.

One way to do that would be to have two kinds of spaces:

  • One where employees can sit in small groups.
  • Another where employees can sit by themselves, and work on their own.

On the other hand, e-commerce companies may want a competitive atmosphere, with employees challenging themselves to reduce turnaround times.

Looking at each other, workers will be inspired to race.

Whatever the design strategy be, it should take care of these kinds of requirements.

Space planning

Office building means commercial real estate, which means higher costs.

So, the office design MUST ensure efficient space utilization with effective floor planning and space management.

Pandemic considerations

Do I really need to tell you which pandemic I am talking about?


Even as lockdowns are lifted and people return to offices, there may be government orders on social distancing and hand washing.

Even without government orders, you might want to include them yourself, for ethical reasons.

So, office interior design better take care of that, especially in the near future!

How to select an office design service in Bangladesh

It’s time to choose!

Choosing a Bangladeshi office design service can be done in almost the same way as choosing a residential interior design service.

Here’s a brief walkthrough:

  • Record requirements: Whatever be your requirements – colour scheme, productivity, technical, etc – write them down.
  • Aesthetic approach: You might prefer one kind of an overall look for your office. Or you may have some specific requirements (for example some people like a brick wall look in the manager’s cabin). Whatever it be, make a note of it.
  • Search online: Look for office design services online. Look through the portfolio of each service, and shortlist those whose work you like.
  • Take opinions: Talk with other people who’ve built offices, and see if they have suggestions.
  • Schedule consultations: Based on your research, shortlist designers and schedule initial consultations with them.
  • Take your pick: Go through their design proposals, suggested budget, and timeline, and pick the designer you feel meets your requirements the best.


We wish you all the best in choosing your office interior designer in Bangladesh!