If you want to get the maximum value for your home, a well-designed staging is essential.

Are you into real estate investing?

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Do you buy houses, make some improvements and then sell them for a profit?

Are you thinking of selling your current home – to move somewhere else, or because you need some cash?

Then you will find this blog on home staging a very interesting read!

Home staging blog overview

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To give you the best idea on home staging through this blog, we will…

  • First take a look at what home staging is.
  • Next see why home staging matters.
  • And finally go through some tips on home staging.

Let’s make a start.

What is home staging?

Have you ever been through a homes magazine?

Or just searched for homes to buy?

Then you will have seen pictures of homes on the market, right?

There’s something these pictures will have in common.

They will be…picture-perfect.

In other words, they will look very inviting, absolutely flaw-free, and almost asking you to make a purchase.

That is not a coincidence.

Those homes have been staged.

In other words, prepared extensively for the photographs, to give them the best possible look.

Home staging is a process through which you rearrange furniture, de-personalize your home and add decor to make it an attractive prospect for buyers, when you’re looking to sell.

Why should you do home staging?

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When you look at home buying options, what do you look for?

You look for great homes that you can make up as your own, right?

You want ‘blank slates’ that you can customize according to your personality. After all, making your home reflect your tastes and your personality is what home interior design in Bangladesh is all about, right?

Through home staging, you make prospective buyers see your home – which you are selling – as a ‘blank slate’ that they can design as they need.

Some tips on staging your home for prospective buyers

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You may want to follow them as you stage your home…

Home staging is a process

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It can involve several stages like planning, budgeting and execution. You may even need to hire contractors to carry out the staging.

Home staging should ‘de-personalize’ your home

Things like toys and awards from your own childhood, your children’s photos and so on are what give your home life and make it your home.

However, a buyer will not be interested in any of that.

They will want to decorate the home to their taste.

So, get rid of personal things and belongings.

Inspect your home for damage

Are there cracked windows?

Is there peeling paint anywhere?

Does any room look cluttered?

You need to fix these things. I think you can understand that nobody will want to buy a home with cracked windows and/or peeling paint.

Remember I said you need to budget for home staging?

Now you can see why.


With these in mind, you are ready to start staging your own home.

Need some things fixed or renovated to earn a higher value?

Get in touch with Bangladesh’s top interior design company today!

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