How can you make your home office desk a pleasure to work at?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you are well aware of how the world has changed over the last year.

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Specifically, how COVID-19 has changed the way we work, and made working from home a very popular options that will outlast the pandemic.

Successfully working from home requires a good home office.

In an earlier blog (I will provide the link below), we told you how to create a home office for yourself in Bangladesh.

In this blog, we will follow up on that by focusing on the home office desk, and telling you some great home office desk design ideas.

Home office desk design ideas blog overview

To give you a good overall idea on home office desk design, we will

  • First see the importance of a home office desk.
  • Next go through what characteristics a home office desk should have.
  • Wrap things up with design ideas for home office desks.

Let’s begin.

The importance of a home office desk

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The desk is where you do most of your work.

From working on your laptop to attending Zoom meetings, it all happens at the home office desk.

You might say the home office desk is the focal point of a good home office.

Characteristics of a good home office desk

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Here are the characteristics a good home office desk should have:

Space for storage

You need space to keep important stuff like paper and supplies in an organized manner, and within easy reach.

Good lighting

The lighting should help you concentrate on work, and be adjustable for online meetings (if you have them).

Work-friendly look

The desk should look work-friendly and be ergonomic, to inspire you to work well.

Personalized decor

You should decorate your home office desk with personal stuff, to give a good vibe that will cheer you up.

Design ideas for home office desks

Here are home office desk design ideas that can make your home office desk a pleasure to work at:

Adjustable lighting

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You should be able to manage lighting brightness as per your need.

Dim the glow if your eyes feel tired. Brighten it for intense work.

And adjust it for meetings.

And all this should be done without having to move.

Colourful decor

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Just because it’s a work desk, don’t make it boring.

Feel free to add colours and decor that brings it to life and cheers you up.

Personal decor

A few personal decor items – like a family photo, or an inspirational message are very important.

Ladder style desk

A ladder style desk automatically increases storage space and makes it easier to work from.

Keep things simple

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If you’re not sure what kind of design style you want, or what decor will help you work, just opt for simple design styles like

  • Thin legs
  • Light colours
  • Non-customized texture

All of which make for an ergonomic, but very design-light desk design style.

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