A comprehensive guide.

So, you’ve been searching for ‘interior design in Bangladesh’, or ‘interior designer in Bangladesh’ (which is why Google showed you this blog).

But, what exactly is interior design?

And what does interior design in Bangladesh focus on?

That is what we will explore in this blog.

Blog overview

In this Bangladesh interior design blog:

  • First we will take a look at an overview of what interior design is.
  • Next we will take a loot at the benefits of hiring an interior design service vs an individual design consultant.
  • Next we will see what interior design can achieve in Bangladesh.
  • Finally, we will explain, briefly, how you can select an interior designer for your design project.

Through this blog, you should have a good idea about interior design, its objectives, and how you can select a good interior designer in Bangladesh.

What is interior design?

According to the New York School of Interior Design,

Interior design is all about how we experience spaces.

An interior designer should be able to work on a vacant space and make it:

  • Comfortable
  • Useful
  • Beautiful

For those who want to use the space.

Who does an interior designer work with?

An interior designer may have to work with a lot of different types of people, including…

  • contractors
  • architects
  • engineers
  • decorators
  • furniture dealers

…to get a project done.

Different kinds of interior design

Based on the client, interior design projects can be of two types:

  • Residential interior design involving development of private residences.
  • Commercial interior design involving development of commercial spaces like office design, restaurant design, and so on.

Benefits of a full service interior design company

The next question is, should you go for individual interior designers, or for an interior design service in Bangladesh?

So, what are the benefits of a full service interior design company?

Can take on entire projects

A full-service interior design company like Imagine Interiors will work on ‘turnkey basis’, which means they will handle both the design and the building part of your project.

Own team

A full-service interior design company will have its own team of important people like designers, architects and project managers so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Other services

Other important services like furniture design will also be available in-house, and you do not have to search more for such services.

Big portfolio; more experience

As a design service has so many people on its team, it will have higher experience, and a bigger design portfolio you can refer to to judge their work.

What you should expect from an interior design service?

You can expect:

  • A well-designed space with both functionality and aesthetics matching your requirement.
  • Timely completion of your project.
  • Remaining within the budget you have agreed on.
  • Complete honesty and answer your questions during project execution.
  • Professional behaviour.

This is a standard we follow at Imagine Interiors, and we think it should be an industry standard.

How to select an interior designer in Bangladesh

Here is a 5 step way to select an interior designer in Bangladesh:

  • List out your requirements, including:
    • Aesthetic and functional requirement
    • Time requirement (how quickly you need the project completed)
    • Budget requirement (how much can you spend for the project)
  • Search for designers.
    • Try to be specific. For example, if you need a restaurant designed, search for ‘ best restaurant designer in Bangladesh’, not ‘best interior designer in Bangladesh’ or ‘best commercial designer in Bangladesh’.
    • You can both search online, and offline (ask family members, friends, colleagues, etc)
  • Look at their portfolios. Shortlist three-four designers whose work you like.
  • Arrange for initial consultations with them, about project, schedule and budget.
  • Based on your consultation, select a designer for your project.


To conclude,

  • An interior designer creates a beautiful, comfortable and useful space for you.
  • If you work with a full service interior design company, they can handle your entire project for you.
  • You can expect timely, on-budget and correct implementation of your project from interior designers in Bangladesh.
  • You can follow our 5-step method to select an interior designer for your own design project.

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