Here are a few strategies you can use to plan what furniture you can keep.

In our previous blog “What Furniture Should You Keep – The Imagine Interiors Guide”, we took a look at furniture planning, with a special focus on which pieces of furniture you can keep when revamping your space.

In this blog, we will develop the idea of how to determine what furniture you can keep, and come up with:

  • A checklist of questions you can ask and
  • Some strategies you can follow

When deciding what furniture to retain and what to dispose of.

Blog overview

First we will recap the basic process of deciding what furniture you should keep.

Then we will take a look at some tips and tricks you can use to make your decision.

What Furniture Should You Keep – a recap

There are three things you can do to existing furniture when replanning – retain, dispose or repurpose.

The question is, how to decide what to do with which piece of furniture.

For that, there is a 4 step process:

  • List out the pieces of furniture.
  • Draw a floor plan of the space.
  • Take up the pieces of furniture one by one.
  • Think of all three alternatives, and see which one gives you the best outcome.


In this blog, we will take a look at some tips and tricks you can follow when deciding.

Look at the furniture style

Some furniture styles are easier to plan for than others.

For example furniture with simple and clean lines can fit into almost any surrounding.

Contrast styles

If your space looks simple at present, look for strong colours and bold lines to energize it.

If your space has a dynamic look already, try to keep further additions simple, so as not to clash different styles.

Playing with colours

Sometimes, a good colour scheme is all it takes to make your space come alive!

How to decide on a colour scheme

Here’s a process you can follow:

  • Take pictures of your space.
  • Look at them in a row to get an idea of your existing colour palette.
  • Now, ask yourself – are you happy with your colour palette?
    • If you are, simply keep all the pieces of furniture that match with it.
    • If you are not, plan a new palette, and then keep matching pieces of furniture.

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