When are you planning to hang festive lights in your home?

Hanging festive lights at home.

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One of the best ways to decorate your house for a special occasion.

The question is, how do you do it properly?

How do you hang festive lights at home, while remaining safe and making optimal use of the lights?

These are the issues we will address in this guide to hanging festive lights at home.

Blog overview

To best understand how to hang festive lights at home, we will…

  • First see what are the advantages of having lights as festive decorations.
  • Then check out different kinds of festive lights.
  • And finally see how to hang festive lights in your home.

Let’s get started…

The advantages of having lights as festive decoration for your home

There are three main advantages of having lights as festive decor for your home…

Automatic better illumination

I think you can understand bright illumination is a plus for any festive occasion.

Darkness creates gloomy moods, which is not good for festive occasions.

And festive lighting has the dual purpose – provide illumination and decorate your home.

Can increase property value

If you make some of the light decor permanent, especially on your home exterior, it can boost your home property value.

And at a rate that will exceed the investment needed to hang and light them.

Different kinds of festive lights

There are a few different ways in which you can categorize festive lights…

Indoor and outdoor

Indoor lights tend to be designed with an eye on temperature. It is said that they “run cool”.

Outdoor lights are designed with an eye on brightness, so they can be seen from a long distance. It is said that they “run hot”.

Coloured and white

You can go for classic white lights.

Or you can get multicoloured options. LED lights can give off multiple coloured lights.

Mini lights and bulb lights

Mini lights (smaller in size) look best in small spaces, and when hung in large numbers.

Bulb lights look the best in windows and on your roof. And even a few bulb lights make for a very festive look.

How to hang festive lights in your home

Here’s a systematic way to hang festive lights in your home…

Gather the supplies you need

Here’s what you need:

  • Your lights.
  • A ladder.
  • Light clips.
  • Someone to keep an eye on what you’re doing (essential for electrical work).

Test the lights

It’s not essential, but it saves you the trouble of having to take down faulty or damaged lights after having hung and lit them.

Plus, sometimes one damaged light can damage others.

Attach the light clips and lights

This will need to be done from the ladder.

You can ask your friend to hold you while you’re on the ladder, to avoid accidents.

Power it on!

This is important: The lights should NOT HAVE BEEN POWERED ON BEFOREHAND.

After you’ve hung them and come down from the ladder, power them on, and enjoy the festive look!

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