Five essential steps for you to follow.

Winter is coming!

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Is your home prepared for it?

Compare whatever steps you have taken with our five point checklist to make your home winter-ready.

Blog overview

In this blog post on steps to take to winterproof your home, we will


  • First see why you should prepare your home for winter.
  • Then see why making a plan matters.
  • And finally go through the five steps.


Let’s get started.

Why you should prepare your home for winter

It’s a good question – should you even prepare your home for winter at all?

Is it a good thing to invest your time and your labour in?


Well, let me say this: if you take steps to make your home winter-ready, it will help you have a good quality of life during winter, while also reducing your costs to heat up the home and everything.

Make a plan on preparing your home for winter

You might think making a plan is totally not necessary, but in fact making a plan can help you make your home ready for winter quickly.


Without a plan, it will become a huge task that you will feel is unmanageable.

If you have a plan, you will be able to break it up into easy steps that you can tackle one by one.



With those explained, let’s take a look at six steps you can take to prepare your home for winter.

Put thick curtains on all windows

Normally, you have a choice when it comes to curtains:

  • Thin curtains
  • Sheer curtains
  • Thick curtains

Thin curtains are the best in summer – to allow as much breeze as possible inside.

Sheer curtains are the best for most times of the year – give you some privacy while still allowing in a certain amount of light and breeze.


Thick curtains are the best for the winter season – they will block cold air from entering your home.

This helps you keep your electricity bill down, by reducing the need for electric heating in your home during winter.

Get your heater checked out before winter/early on

Heaters are typically used only for one or two months during the entire year.


But, they will be very essential during the winter season.


To avoid hiccups during the actual winter season, get your heater checked out early on, and make sure there isn’t anything wrong with it.


This will also help you save money as during winter demand for heaters will rise, which means higher costs.

Make the AC ready for winter

You need to take these 2 steps to prepare your AC for winter.

Clean and cover the condensing unit

Typically, dirt and dust collects in the unit, which you need to clean out. Once you are done, cover it up.

Remove window air conditioners

Remove and store them somewhere else.

If they are left in windows, they will be exposed to cold air, which will spoil them.

Check the insulation

While major home insulation is a project you should do more than once a year, before winter, you should:

  • Insulate water heaters.
  • Insulate exterior outlets.

Make doors and windows leak-free

Cold air coming in through cracks and leaks in your doors and windows is a big problem during winter and can significantly increase your heating costs.


Check your doors and windows for leaks and cracks.

  • Check old doors and windows with putty glazings, where the old putty may have dried and fallen off.
  • Shut them and try to feel for air leaks.

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