Understanding the difference between the two styles will help you in your consultation with interior designers.

“Do I want to go with a modern design style, or do I want to keep the interior design contemporary?”

There might be a lot of reasons you might be asking yourself this question.

Whatever it be, as an amateur person, you may not know the difference between modern interior design and contemporary interior design.

Or you might not have a full idea about it.

Whatever it be, go through this blog from Bangladesh’s premier interior design company to be able to compare and contrast modern interior design and contemporary interior design.

Blog overview

First, we will take a look at where this blog might come in useful.

Then, we will see what the definitions of modern design and contemporary design are.

Finally, we will go through a few differences (and similarities) between modern and contemporary design.

Where will this blog prove useful?

This blog will prove useful if you are:

  • Just looking to know the difference between modern interior design and contemporary interior design.
  • Planning to redesign your house/office. You may get design ideas.
  • Consulting with an interior designer about designing your home/office.

With that covered, let’s look at different aspects of modern vs contemporary design.

Design elements

This wooden table is a very modern design.

Modern interior design includes wood and earthy elements.


This glass table with metal legs is a contemporary design.

In contemporary design, you would find state of the art materials, metals and glass (none of which are earthy in nature).

Design colours

This brown wall is a modern design.

Modern design will contain earthier colours, like rusty red, brown and olive green. This matches the material type.


This white wall has a contemporary design.

Contemporary design colour schemes will always be based on strict colours like black, white and grey.

When other colours are introduced they will usually be in pure form, like saturated red, indigo or orange.

Similarities between modern and contemporary interior design

There are three similarities between modern interior design and contemporary interior design:

  • They both stress on open spaces.
  • They are both minimalist.
  • They both include straight lines.

Final thoughts on comparing and contrasting modern design and contemporary design

Modern and contemporary design have certain similarities, such as a liking for straight lines and a stress on open spaces.


The differences between them mainly lies in the materials used – modern design goes for more of an earthy and natural feel while contemporary design prefers ultra-new state of the art materials, glass and metals.


Now that you know the difference between the design styles, which one do you prefer and why?


Let us know in a comment below!

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