After 2021, what can we expect in home interior design?

It’s new year 2022! Did you have a nice time celebrating the new year?

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Celebrations aside, it’s time to check out what the interior design trends for 2022 are.

What kind of approach to home design and other kinds of design will be preferred?

From colour palettes to furniture design and floorplan, where is the interior design world going?

As the best interior designer in Bangladesh, it’s important for us to explore which are the top home interior design trends in 2022.

Blog overview

In this blog post on the top 10 interior design trends for 2022, we will…

  • First see how 2021 went, and how that might affect interior design consumer tastes.
  • Then see the incoming 2022 design trends.

Let’s begin!

2021 in interior design

As we know, the most significant actor during 2021 was the pandemic.

  • It stressed on personal hygiene.
  • It also led to movement restrictions and people working from home.
    • Which meant more requirements for basic work capacities inside homes, and privacy within the home, as everyone had to be home all day.
  • Plus, the home itself needed more of a decorative element, as we are spending more time at home.

Which brings us into 2022.


Let’s now see which are the top 10 interior design trends for 2022.


Bi-colouring, also known as 2 colour combinations, is a good way to introduce contrast into the home design.

And contrast is good for boosting home decor.

How to choose the colours

Out of the 2 colours, make one a deeper shade, and the other a lighter shade.

Use the lighter shade above the line of eyesight, and the darker shade below the line of eyesight.

Nature-inspired design

This is technically called biophilic design.

In simple terms, this is a design style that emphasizes a connection with natural elements such as fresh natural air and greenery.

How to do nature-inspired design

Allow for as much of natural lighting as possible.

Ensure a lot of ventilation throughout your home.

Have plants inside your home.

Well-chosen paintings

This is a bit simplistic, but a logical interior design element.

Paintings of other places, especially of natural areas (like forests) can help you visualize that you are traveling to such places.

That is of great use when you’re stuck at home due to movement restrictions.

Sustainable interior design

We have talked about sustainable design before also.

Indeed, with climate change becoming such a major issue, and especially in countries like Bangladesh, that have a lot of coastal areas, sustainable interior design is a logical demand.

Some key elements of sustainable interior design

Large windows and curtains to allow for natural sunlight and air, reducing need for electricity.

Provisions for solar panels, so some of the electricity demand can be met from a renewable source the sun.

Meaningful spaces

Consumers will demand more spaces in their homes that they feel a personal connection with.

This is very important in respect of longer time periods that we spend at home.

Spaces that have personality that ties in with the interests of the owner will be a big draw to interior design ideas.

Handcrafted, earthy decor elements?

Many sources suggest consumers may want to have a part of their home reflect a rustic, handcrafted taste, reminding them of earlier times.

This gives them a break from the constant contact with modern life, plus it’s natural and sustainable by design.

Smart lighting

While complete ‘smart infrastructure’ is still some time away from being mainstream, people would want some aspects of ‘smart furniture’ to be present in their lighting systems.

The reason for that is that lighting plays an outsized role in setting our moods.

For example, a simple dimming system that slowly dims the light in the bedroom as you gradually go to sleep will go a long way towards improving your quality of life.

Simple privacy elements

While complete privacy for even one family member in a home would be a difficult design challenge, and also expensive to implement,

Simple privacy elements, like a curtain to give someone on a Zoom call some privacy from the rest of the family will be in demand.

Homework space

With schools going online (due to movement restrictions) again and again, a dedicated homework space for children could be a good idea.

Think of it as a home office, children’s version.

Multifunctional spaces

The terrific uncertainty created by the pandemic has led to people asking how they can do more with less.

In terms of home interior design in Bangladesh, this means they will want to have multifunctional spaces inside their rooms.

For example, your work room/home office can also contain your gym.

Or your living room can turn into your home office when needed.

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